Monday, November 29, 2010

Little White Houses

When you think of a wedding, there is the expected...the walk down the aisle, tossing the bouquet, garter toss, first dance, cake cutting. What is it that makes your wedding unique? You certainly wouldn't "toss" the traditions; they are beautiful sacred moments, treasured in every little girl's heart to one day experience.

Recently, I was in North Carolina and I drove by a row of little white houses. They all had the same structure and served the same purpose, but one in particular stood out. The well manicured lawn, the beautiful choice of flowers and shrubbery, chairs on the front porch with fabric cushions complementing the landscaping, the beautiful chandelier sparkling through the clean window dressed in beautiful fabric. It fit the environment and the people. It was a home that was warm and welcoming, you could tell it was loved by the time that was spent in the nuances and details that made it stand out among the rest.

A wedding is like that row of little white houses, it has the traditional, the expected. I'm not sure about you, but if given the opportunity, I would certainly pick the one little row house, with its traditional surroundings, that was warm and welcoming, the house that's just drawing you in to experience the beauty, order, and the unexpected. This is what a wedding should be. A warm and welcoming environment, where you can feel the love and the time spent on the nuances and details, which will leave the guests with an indelible imprint of a treasured event and wanting more. Believe me, that isn't an easy task. You can't wave a magic wand and "POOF"...a magical moment! However, at Serendipity, that is what we are trying to accomplish and at times, the brides really do think I possess a magic wand! In reality, when explored and exposed, through a delicate "interrogation", aka bridal consultation, it is their amazing love for each other, for their family and their unique personalities that gives me the structure to transform the typical wedding, full of all the expected happenings into a unique wedding experience that reflects each couple. As a newly birthed blogger, I hope you will find what we share informative and inspiring!